Designer-Caitlin Le Harivel                                  Director-Geoff Pinfield                                        Playwright-Jo Randerson

An absurdist farce, inspired by the New Zealand Terrorism Suppression Act and the arrests of the “Urewera Seventeen” by the New Zealand Police in November 2007.

The performance space was composed as if in a film studio, with three separate sets-the activists lounge, the police station and the media room. The audience was divided into three, then moved through the “backstage” area visiting each set and viewing the performance as three separate parts, which all ran simultanesously.

The design of each set continued into the seating area with the audience being fully enclosed within each world.


The Underarm, Tauranga Arts Festival, 2007

Designer-Caitlin Le Harivel                                  Director-Geoff Pinfield

The Underarm was a sporting comedy set in the Basin Reserve, Wellington. The play focused on the relationship between two brothers and their differing views on the infamous cricketing incident, that occurred during a one-day test between Australia and New Zealand in 1981.  I designed the set to evoke the scale and atmosphere of the Basin Reserve while providing a dynamic space for the action of the play to occur.

Kinetic Cloth

Kinetic Cloth, Soundings Theatre-Te Papa Tongarewa, 2006

Kinetic Cloth was a collective performance that explored the kinetic potential of textiles through dance and music.

Each designer created a textile in response to a given piece of music and then worked with a dancer, choreographing the performance so that the textile became the main performer of the piece.

Caitlin Le Harivel’s piece entitled Mountain Song began as a casing for the performer, becoming an extension of her body as she emerged from its folds.

The textile was made from flat strips of fabric that were heat treated into a coil and printed using sublimat.