“your hot chocolate is why we have tastebuds” Kath, 67 years.

Eat your art out was an interactive souvenir shop selling edible mementos of the Performance Arcade 2018.

Visitors tantalised their taste buds with decadent hand-crafted chocolate mementos and sumptuous art waters. Each edible souvenir had a unique flavour/texture to represent an individual artwork or performance within the arcade. There were souvenirs available for the following works: Forecasting, Away, Gold instrumental, Felt Room & Haumapuhia rises. See below for a full menu of the delights that were on offer.

Souvenirs are usually permanent objects that are poor imitations of the potent experiences they were trying to capture, often relegated to the back of a drawer, before being discarded in the yearly spring clean.

“The word souvenir… now denotes almost anything either breakable or useless; but even today, ninety percent of the items covered by the word are forgettable objects in which cigarettes can be left to go stale”, Alan Coren. 

EYAO played against the traditional souvenir narrative, the souvenirs could not be kept and were instead consumed, becoming another fleeting moment, a passing memory.  In creating edible mementoes, EYAO mirrored the ephemeral and temporary nature inherent in performance art. EYAO provided souvenirs worth consuming.

After consuming the memento, visitors left a memory in its’ place, refilling the empty vessel that contained the souvenir and becoming part of the artwork.

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