Dr. Floss: “I do not foretell the future, I am but a vessel, the floss speaks through me…. tell me what do you see in the candy-floss?”

This two-part culinary carnival (Feast upon your fortune and How to mend a broken heart) cured ailments of the heart with chocolate and foretold the future with candy-floss, for over 150 visitors on the Wellington Waterfront as part of THE PERFORMANCE ARCADE 2013.

Feast upon your fortune

The public feasted on specially flavoured candy-floss such as Lost in the forest (rosemary) and Smoke on the water(smoked mussel) while being told of their fortune by our resident fortune teller Dr.floss.

How to mend a broken heart

Broken valentines wandering the waterfront were cured of their ailments. Our chocolate heart mender whipped up a variety of chocolate cures, such as cumin, coriander and chilli, and apple and cinnamon.

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Further information on the arcade: http://theplaygroundnz.com/the-performance-arcade-2/