Supper Club 2012: Ronald Mc Donald House Wellington

This prestigious fundraising event hosted more than 300 guests who enjoyed outstanding cuisine at thirty eight of Wellington’s finest eateries, plus two unique dining experiences at venues across the city. Caitlin Le Harivel directed, designed and cooked ‘The Mad Roasters Dinner Party” a unique dining experience which was auctioned on the night for several thousand dollars.

Diners entered a mad world of the strange and unexpected. Eliza the eccentric proprietor and mastermind of the coffee emporium held the audience captive with her quirky behaviour, endless supply of coffee lore and delightful chit chat. Her determined sidekick a political activist tried to rally against her while fighting against his addiction to the mighty bean. The audience was entertained by the characters throughout the evening all while being fed a sumptuous coffee themed menu.

Included in the experience were Eliza’s Coffee Emporium newsheets, menu cards and poetry created especially for the performance.

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