A lover of all things culinary, Caitlin views food as a medium of social communication and self-expression, a performer of everyday life. She loves to experiment with all creative and culinary fields.

All taste, less waste

“Remove the stalk, discard the stem” is often the beginning of prepping vegetables in a recipe, and more importantly the wasting of half your lovely vegetables. But that doesn’t have to be the case. In this recipe I give you a delicious and simple way to use up spinach stems. And for all those sourdough…

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A taste of home?

As I sit in (covid) isolation, in a cycle of home-made meals and continual bread baking. (Yes I too am a victim of the sourdough craze), I yearn for a time when culinary exploration meant more than an essential trip to the supermarket or new recipe. My lust for travel and discovery isn’t quite sated…

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