Tired of the same old entertainment, want something new and exciting? Want to combine your love of eating and being entertained in one?

CLH creates exciting culinary adventures bound to entertain the mind as well as the taste buds. From fortune telling candy floss to Liquid Nitrogen Cooking we can offer a unique culinary event to make your next party or special event stand out.

Caitlin Le Harivel is not only a Le Cordon Bleu chef but a trained performance designer so understands that a fantastic atmosphere and setting are just as important as great food. Caitlin Le Harivel offers a full package from the food, through to character development, design and setting of your unique event.

Events can range from one of a kind directed performances with multiple performers to simpler themed dining events. Food items and flavours can be custom made to match your branding, marketing or special event. A taste of previous events is below or click here to see more.

Previous Events:

Cooking at sub 190

Nitro chef Caitlin Le Harivel and nitro scientist Darrell Smith love exploring the culinary possibilities of cooking at sub 190°C. Why use gas when you can be a mad scientist with a bubbling cauldron of liquid nitrogen? Culinary creations include the ultimate alcohol slushy, dragon’s breath marshmallows and the freshest, fastest ice cream.

Dr. Floss in Feast upon your fortune

Dr. of Floss is a fortune teller with a difference. The Dr. divines through candy floss, revealing your future with unique flavours, such as Lost in the forest (rosemary) and Smoke on the water(smoked mussel). See the Dr in action, here.

Mira the Heart Mender & Purveyor of potions

Our heart mender creates a variety of custom hot chocolate cures, such as cumin, coriander and chilli, and apple and cinnamon. See the heart mender in action here.

The Mad Roaster’s Dinner Party

Enter a mad world of the strange and unexpected. Eliza the eccentric proprietor and mastermind of the coffee emporium will hold you captive with her quirky behaviour, an endless supply of coffee lore and delightful chit-chat. Her determined sidekick, a political activist tried will also be in attendance as he fights against his addiction to the mighty bean. Be entertained by our delightful characters all while being fed a sumptuous coffee themed menu.

Included in the experience were Eliza’s Coffee Emporium new sheets as well as menu cards for each guest to take home. See Eliza in action at the Secret Supper club, here.

1920’s Canape Evening

This decadent 1920’s evening with themed canapes featured a modern twist, such as sweet waldorf salad and champagne jelly. The menu was served as part of a 1920’s murder mystery evening. View the menu here.

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