Caitlin Le Harivel is a Business & Product Development Manager with 9 years experience in new product development, cooking and design.

Her passion for learning and looking beyond the everyday has seen her explore a variety of skills and areas. An experienced chef she graduated top of her class at Le Cordon Bleu, trained as a Performance Designer (BPerfDes Hons.) and is also a creator of unique culinary events.

 Hailing from Scotland she has lived in New Zealand from the age of 9, but spent two years abroad, traveling and tasting her way through the world. Her travels led her to an 18 month position as a private chef working for a family of multi-millionaires on the outskirts of London.

Since returning to New Zealand Caitlin created Out Of The Box, a culinary carnival, was featured on the cover of Wellington Woman Magazine and created a unique performative dining event, the Mad Roaster’s Dinner Party, for the Ronald McDonald House Charities Supper Club. Thirty eight of Wellington’s finest eateries participated in this event which raised over $60,000 for a brand new Ronald McDonald House in Wellington.

She was the main presenter and recipe developer for Social Cooking, a dynamic and exciting cooking school on Wellington’s waterfront. Currently residing in Wellington, she works as the Head of Business & Product Development for the well respected New Zealand company Wishbone. 

A lover of all things culinary, Caitlin views food as a medium of social communication and self-expression, a performer of everyday life. She loves to experiment with all creative and culinary fields.

Caitlin provides expertise in menu development and food trends, as well as running creative food events and designing for theatre.

Always on the look out for her next exciting culinary adventure, Caitlin searches for experiences to entertain the mind as well as the taste buds. Check out her sub 190 cooking adventures here for the VWOAP event Cooking with Ice: a Liquid Nitrogen demo.

To find your next culinary adventure, click here

Photograph by William Davenport

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